Destiny 2 - "Prelude"

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Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere – Zavala’s Prelude

Destiny 2 - "Prelude"

• Scene Assembly
• Environment Modeling/Texturing
• Prop Modeling/Texturing
• Set Dressing
• Lighting
• Look Development
• Rendering

Studio : Blur
Client : Bungie

My first project at Blur, done a year ago (2016), FINALLY came out during the Destiny 2 reveal. This was a LOT of fun, and I am honored to have been part of this trailer for a great franchise!

For the wall construction sequence, I did scene assembly, some set dressing, prop modeling, lighting, rendering, compositing, and environment animations. I did some environment modeling and texturing for the construction area along with the trees and mountains.
Kris Kaufman did most of the modeling and texturing for the wall and construction assets along with Marek Denko.

For the battle in the city, I did scene assembly, lighting, and rendering for these shots. I textured and shaded the part of the ground that gets broken up by Zavala's fist. Environment done by my friend, Mike Johnson.