League of Legends - Odyssey

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Welcome Aboard | Odyssey Animated Trailer - League of Legends

League of Legends - Odyssey

• Lead Scene Assembler
• Environment Modeling/Texturing
• Prop Modeling/Texturing
• Set Dressing
• Lighting
• Look Development
• Rendering
• Compositing

League of Legends - Odyssey
Studio : Blur
Client : Riot Games

I had the pleasure of leading this show for Riot Games. We tried taking our typical stylized Blur look and pushing it a bit more. The result turned out great especially with the small team we had to put this together. Evan Butler and I worked together to come to this look.
Some shots I did not bring to completion after setting up the lighting and look dev (such as Sona), however, the talented artists who took the shots over really kicked ass and made it look even better.

The Kayn corridor shots were pre-comped by me, and then final compositing was done by the great BeeJin Tran.

Shout out to Chris Bedrosian, Evan Butler, Frankie DeRosa, Yoshi Vu, Oded Raz, Bee Jin Tran, Wes Cronk, Alexey Andreev, Andrew Averkin, Connie He, and Riot Games.